How I Spent My Summer Vacation...

While I may have spent our entire summer looking for a house, Zoe got an invitation from a special friend to have an American Girl Club. She and her friends met together weekly and planned all sorts of fun things. This culminated in a craft sale/performance of an American Girl play. They had a wonderful time and Zoe's friend (and mom) were so gracious to host the events all summer! Nevermind me talking about it, here is Zoe's perspective along with pictures.

In American Girl Club, we made projects each week. Some of the projects we did were Samantha's hair bows, Felicity's candied nuts, and a Forever binder which holds photos and important things we did. At the last meeting we did a craft sale and a play. The play was about a Spanish girl named Josephina and second chances. The play was set in the 1800s in New Mexico.  In the play, the part I played was Tia Magdelena. Tia Magdelena was a godmother to Josephina and also a healer. A  healer is someone who used spices and herbs to make people feel better.  After that we had a sleepover.  My friends and I had a fun time.

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