June's End

I'm two posts away from being done with June.

Here are the outtakes from the month.

Rainy afternoons and friends are awesome!

Josiah came out of his room like this and I was in tears. We all were.  Oh my this kid is totally goofy.  That'd be underwear on his head, pants on his arms, and his shirt wrapped around like a loin cloth.  I'm so proud.

This is how we chill when we get a sink bath...Malachi has since graduated to the bath seat...at four months, he's the youngest in the bath seat.

It is totally tough being a cute baby...especially when you haven't gotten you sleep routine down.

Can you detect the sheer terror on that boy's face?  Nothing but love from Ceili Rain though!

A bit of proof that the boy rolls from his back to his belly.  And proof that he is adorable.

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