Say Hello to Our Little Friend

That, my friends is a butterfly.  He/she provided quite a bit of entertainment one Saturday a couple of weeks ago.  We're not sure why our crew was chosen but this little butterfly flitted and landed on almost all the children.  She (and I'll call her a "she" for lack of a better word) was particularly fond of Ace.  Although, she did eventually let Zoe hold her.

She crawled on to his finger, landed on his finger and on his hair.

She also landed on Liam's hat. 

I think she played with the kids for over 30 minutes before losing interest and heading out towards the pomegranate bush...the butterfly, not the kids.  They would have played with her all day if she had let them.

And, this year, we studied butterflies and moths.  Having one up close was really neat to study and look at.

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