Gardening, 2012 Edition

I have a plan this year.  Since, I haven't been successful at keeping the garden up, I thought for sure that paying someone to do it would be easier.

The "someone" I'm referring to are the kids.  I told them we would pay them for every vegetable they harvested.  I also threw in some school.  Zoe and Ace will be keeping a gardening journal to go along with their "pay."  They were thrilled (with the prospect of earning money...not the journaling part)! 

We took them a couple of weekends ago to purchase their plants and then we planted them.  Well, I fed the baby, Mark helped them plant them.

Zoe worked really hard.
Okay, they look a bit wilted but hopefully they'll perk up.

I'm probably the only person in the world who thinks this rustic garden looks pretty.  Oh well.

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