40 Weeks Plus Update

Going by the LMP (if you don't know, don't ask), Malachi should be here by now.  Of course, we all know my kids don't follow medical terminology and are pretty snug in their environments.  They also come out big.  Well, really big.

Today I had what was termed a "biophysical profile."  Basically, this means that I'm past due and they did an ultrasound to make sure baby was doing good.  Turns out, he's doing great.  He's quite comfy up in my belly.  He's got room to stretch his legs...which he did during the ultrasound and my belly went sideways and the sonographer jumped as Malachi knocked the probe off of him (Yes, he knocked the probe off).  She was quite freaked out and I informed her that he does this.  All day.  It's really interesting to watch my round tummy go completely to one side.  He's also head down which is very nice to see.

And, true to my babes, he's big.  Somewhere around 8 lbs 12 oz. to 9 lbs.  Don't freak out now...my biggest two were 9 lbs 6 oz.  I could not imagine what size my kids would be if I had twins!

I'm still at 3 cm (at least he could tell this time) dilated.  Malachi is still really high up though...meaning he's still disengaged.

We talked with Dr. J.  He gave us options. Because he's that good of a doctor.  He was really okay, even without me mentioning it, to wait until next week to schedule an induction.  He was also okay with doing one this week.  Since I'm 3 cm, I'm, yet again, a good candidate for an induction.  Dr. J will not break my water unless his head is engaged.  In fact, Dr. J is pretty much all for avoiding an unnecessary c-section...have I ever mentioned how good of a doctor he is?

After Mark and I talked alone, Mark was more comfortable with going with the 9th for the induction.  I agreed with him and we are so ready to meet our little man.

Plus, Mark wins our family baby pool!
Plus, 3+9=12 and that's really cool...3-9-12.  Yeah, we're number nerds around here.  Now, if he was born on 3-6-12, that'd be really cool too.


  1. Yay, sounds great!! So funny that his head is still high--guess that means you "should" be feeling more comfortable...??? :) When we got Ryan's BPP his stomach kept reading "out of range"! haha!! It was so funny. I love your "if you don't know what it is, don't ask!" My friend just got a "Wow, that was TMI!" comment from a relative, responding to her birth story! Uh, Hello!! Birth story! And it was a cleaned up version! :) Anyway, I'm excited for you! Hope you are feeling great and enjoying this time (well, you know...). isn't the due date so anti-climactic?! But I guess now you have a new one, so yay!


    PS are you on FB? You can find me at lanymay at yahoo dot com in case. :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Emily. I am on FB, it's under my name. I tried to email you but couldn't get it to go through!