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While we wait on Malachi to come, I thought I'd share at least one app that I've put on my phone that I'm totally excited about.  This may be a regular thing, but I doubt it.  I just don't have a ton of apps and the ones I do have are more for the kids.

Anyway, before I "got smart" with my phone, we used Our Groceries to create lists on occasion, but, for the most part, I still wrote out our bi-monthly shopping lists and we'd go to the store with paper, coupons, and kids in hand. 

When we got our new phones, I spent several days researching the different grocery apps and landed upon two I wanted to try.  One was "Out of Milk" and the other was "Mighty Grocery."  I decided I'd start with Mighty Grocery first since it seemed to have everything I wanted.  So, I downloaded the "lite" version (aka free) and played around with it for a few days to see if I would like it. 

When I mentioned to Mark that I thought it was a nice app and I thought I might buy it (it's like under $5), he remembered that he had gotten it from Amazon as their free app of the day!  He checked and did his finger magic and got it up on my phone.  The full version.  Free.  I love free!

But, I think this app is totally great.  For starters, you can create you list in different stores or move it around from store to store.  You can input prices, coupons (percentage and money amounts off) and make notes that show up in your lists.  And it has aisles.  It's so organized that it takes no time to find what you need.  You can even personalize the aisles by numbers...however, remember, stores like to frequently change their aisles!

And, it syncs with other users/accounts.  Oh yeah.

So, here was the test.  Last night, we decided to get our first of the month Wal-Mart groceries.  I had my phone, Mark had his.  And we criss crossed the food aisles and could see, in real time, where each other was and what each other had gotten.  We were in and out of there in less than hour.  Now, keep in mind, our monthly Wal-Mart trip almost always lasts two hours.  But, we did it in one!  We cut our time in half.  That totally made me even more excited about the list.

All that to say, I'm totally sold on this app!

(Disclosure:  Mighty Grocery did not give me this app to review for free...but we were able to snag it on Amazon's App of the day!  A must check out if you own a smartphone!)

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