Pinterest Attacks...Again

It started with this inspiration from Pinterest.

Which turned into this:

 Since we create three menus each year and rotate them throughout the year each month (one for January, one for February, one for March), I knew I could make this menu board work for us.  I worked on it the last week in December and was able to finish it in a couple of days (that's with many interruptions, etc).  FYI, the only place that had this kind of calendar with bulletin board on bottom was Target...don't check Wal-Mart or OfficeMax!

The blog I found this on has a great tutorial with step by step pictures.  She even posted some of her recipes.  Here's how I adjusted it.

I kept the order of different colors for different types of dishes.  Right now, I only have my dinner dishes for the year listed with hopes of putting up our favorite breakfast dishes, desserts, and appetizers (since we have mucho get togethers at church...we need lots of those...not that I'm complaining.  Food is yummy).  I also made a set of cards with the menus for each rotating month listed.  I also laminated the recipe cards and recipe names...we all know I'm not the neatest of cooks and need these suckers to last.  I put magnets on the back of each of the recipe names instead of just using magnets to hold the cards up.  Kids, me, and lots of activity means they wouldn't stay in place and recipe names would have gotten lost.

This has worked out great, as we had a freezer cooking day the first of the month and I just pulled out the recipe names and listed them on the side along with writing in the meals already in the freezer.  When March comes, I'll move them over to the appropriate place and pull things out of the freezer as needed!

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