Christmas with a Bunch of Characters

Christmas day, we got up late, as usual, ate breakfast, and then had time to open stockings before church.  And might I say, we all enjoyed attending church on Christmas day...what a way to celebrate Christ's birthday!
 Our tradition is candy and dvds or books for stockings.  Mark gets peanut M&Ms and I get the chocolate turtles.  Everyone was super excited about their videos this year.

After our church worship, we snacked like crazy at church and then headed home.  Since we were full on sweets we waited to each lunch and some opted to change back into pjs and we opened gifts.
 It's a bunch of Characters train!
Yay!  They let me tear paper!  And then he'd say, "Tash?  Tash?"

The kids do a sibling shop every Christmas.  I purchase items at cheap discount prices and then we set them up in our bedroom.  They draw names and can come in and select toys for who's name they've drawn.  When they get older we'll let them actually go to a store to buy them but for now, this works.  A couple of years ago, we made a trip to the big box store the week following Halloween and I found costumes for $1.50 and less!  So, I snagged the good ones that weren't demonic and this year they were the hit!  Ninja and viking costumes were what was bought!
The boys got small gifts since they got a brand new room.  They were thrilled none the less.
 Pilgrim's progress, we start 'em early.
Believe it or not, these were the first set of wooden ABC blocks we've ever gotten.  My kids are so deprived.  Ginger (the dog) has even left her mark on a few.
 If I had moved it a little to the right, this would have been a really funny picture!
Mark was faking the surprise.  I have no idea what I bought him but he had told me he wanted it and since he had gotten his gift at the end of October, I felt bad that he didn't have anything to open, so I got it for him.  But, being that we share email addresses, he knew what I had gotten.  I got him though.  I knew what I had gotten too, so there.

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