Dairy Farmin'

Another day in October found us at a dairy farm.  A local farm (meaning about 20 minutes away...that's the closest dairy farm too), has started an agritourism business both to promote their farm but also so that they can eventually purchase a creamery and sell their own milk.  This is the second year for their Corn "Maize" and it was just as much fun as last year!  The kids had a blast as always.  This was a field trip day and the only set back was that they had the maze marked off so that it was just a simple walk through instead of an actual maze.  That was a bummer.  Other than that, we learned a lot more about dairy farming that I ever knew.  For instance, cows are milked just like we pump milk off our selves.  Except the machine is a bit more high powered!  I know everyone wanted to know that.

Here's some more pictures before I embarrass myself any further.

Twas a bit nippy and I forgot to bring Bryant a coat.  So, we found one of Zoe's jackets in the van and wrapped him up.  He was snug as a bug but very tired on the hayride.

Petting zoos are awesome.  Bryant called everything a "goggy" (doggy) but he loved watching the animals!

They had a wonderful play area that included a huge slide, a bunch of wooden structures (like a ship, castle, and the like), and a jumping pillow.  Five kids pretty much dispersed across the whole play area so it was hard for us to get pictures of everyone. 

Aha!  Two in one frame!  We did it!

The corn pits.  Like sand pits but instead of trying to get small grains of sand out of a diaper, the big pieces of corn fall out...and they also fall out of clothes.  For weeks.

By far, our family favorite is the duck race area.  There are four troughs and water pumps at each one.  You can race to see who gets their duck to the other side first.  But, Josiah.  He's all focus when it comes to that water pump.

I have no idea what it is.  But the kids like it.


Always fun.
My goodness, she's growing up too, too fast!  Please stop her!

So is this little tyke.  But she's still got a loooong way to go!

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