Randomness and a New Poll

It's now a month until we have the ultrasound, so we want to know what you think...will Seven be a boy or girl?  Here's some clues that may or may not help: 

  • I'm carrying low (keep in mind that I carried low for the last two pregnancies as well and one was a boy and one a girl).
  • I'm not really craving much but veggies.  
  • I still love chocolate but have food aversions like nobody's business and those include:  salad (I can eat lettuce with tacos etc but not as a salad), peaches (yeah, during season too), fresh whole wheat bread (that was true for the last two pregnancies as well), grass fed beef (same for the last two as well). 
We decided to go to Ikea on the way home from visiting my parents.  We went with the kids.  For the first time.  I was a bit nervous and it was packed.  And, we had some digestive issues with one child which resulted in me running through most of the store holding that child's hand searching for the bathroom.  That wasn't fun.  Besides that, the kids thought it was really really cool and they get big props from me for being totally family friendly even down to the parking!

While in Ikea I told Mark that I had seriously been considering moving the school room into the living room and moving the living room to our bonus room.  For once, he didn't make a shock and awe face and agreed that it just might work.

Now, we are trying to figure out how to do it.  It's going to be a challenge but if we can get it to work and make it look nice (our living room is the room you see when you walk into our house), then it'll work.

Either way, we're committed to it because we moved our giant sleeper sofa down to the playroom and there's no way my pregnant self is going to try and lug that thing back up the two steps!

I'm anticipating a wonderful night out with other moms from our homeschool care group.  So excited to get some mom time to visit with these amazing ladies!

If I'm going to leave this house sans kids, I had better get supper done asap.

Before I go, make sure you go to my actual blog and leave your opinion about what our baby is!

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  1. I'm going to go with probability and guess that 7 is a girl. You guys have to revert to the mean at some point :)