A Good Day...

I've not kept it a secret that Liam is a challenging kid to work with.  He's set in his ways and knows what he wants to do.  And he gets very upset when what he wants to do doesn't comply with what I want to do.  I say he's passionate...about everything.  And, well, it's hard most days.  We work really hard at focusing our heads and hearts on God.  Sometimes we work overtime with Liam.  He's an amazing kid and is going to do some amazing things.

But, it happened today.  It all started with Liam waking up, getting dressed, grabbing his clean clothes and putting them up.  It continued with Liam starting school with a joyful heart and only needing a few reminders throughout the day to have a joyful heart.  It was so odd that I called Mark at work to see if something happened last night while I was out to have him change his attitude.  He said nothing.

And he's not sick!  Woohoo!

And I praised...and praised...and praised.  We talked a lot about how his attitude was effecting everyone else today.  We talked about how we please God and others with joyful hearts, etc.  So, as we were talking, I asked him if we could keep this Liam.

He replied, "You have to!"

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I continued to talk to him and then he just popped up, "I love you mama!"

And that's more than my hormonal heart can handle and I just cried. 

I love this little boy dearly and I'm fully aware that tomorrow we may wake up and have to work harder than ever to keep joyful hearts and practice immediate obedience.  But today, today I saw that God is working in his (and my) heart.  We both are seeking Him and wanting to please Him.  Today, God showed me that He is here and that He is in control.  I'd love to take credit for his good day.  But I can't.  Only through God's love did we have a day like today!

Now on to rest for whatever challenges await us tomorrow!

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