At the Drive-In

Labor Day weekend our local (okay, it's only local because it's the closest one and it's about 45 minutes away), drive-in shows a ton of movies.  Last year, we were able to see two kids movies for very cheap.  This year, they only played one.  And I tried to express my dislike in that.  However, we were able to get home before midnight so it worked out good!  We surprised them with the trip and they were all thrilled.

I, however, was less than thrilled as they played on the playground and I got attacked by fire ants.  That was none too fun.

Anyway, they all enjoyed the pre-show playground and the during show snacks.  And then we high tailed it out of there before the other movies started.

This was Bryant's second drive in movie.  The first he was but a mere babe and totally didn't care one way or the other as long as he got fed and relaxed.

We were blessed with decent weather too!  It was a slight bit warm before the sun went down but cooled off considerably afterwards.  Even though it's a drive-in, it was still too warm to sit in cars so the chairs and blankets came out!
This is some intense stuff people!

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