At our church, if the father of the house is a Christian, he is encouraged to be the one to baptize his children and those under his house.  The premise being that the husband should be the head of the home especially in spiritual matters.  Mark and I had never really thought much about him baptizing our children until we started attending this church.  After looking through the Bible, we realized that God's word does not say, "Thou shalt be ordained within the ministry of the church to baptize others."  And realized what a blessing this would be to us and to our children if he baptized them.

So, Ace was the first one to be baptized by his father.  And it all happened last Sunday.  And, believe it or not, I did not cry buckets of tears.  Mainly, I was too worried that my camera would die before I could get pictures and video.

But it didn't!  And I did get pictures and video! 

And I'm so thrilled (are you tired of seeing And's at the beginning of my sentences?)!

We had a lot of firsts that at the lake under a pavilion in the semi cool weather.  Ace getting baptized.  Our kids and us having a wonderful time of fellowship and amazing food afterwards (no the end of this pregnancy they're going to have to roll me around if our church keeps fixing amazing food).
 This would be a wonderful picture if blogger would cooperate and put my pictures up as they were saved!

Pastor B went discussed the reason he wanted to be baptized before Mark prayed over him and immersed him.

All total, there were eight baptisms.  It was such a blessing to see the professions of faith and acts of obedience carried by fathers!

And the reason this post is so utterly lacking in wonderful pictures of our day at the lake is because the battery was threatening mutiny on the camera.  Needless to say there was a lot of play in the sand and the water (despite the cool weather and my threat that they would have to ride home in undies if they got wet...and they did) and boat rides.
But, before the camera died I got this:
I love it!  Totally not told to do so but Josiah helped his sister down to the beach area through the wooded area.  I was so proud of his gentlemanly ways!

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