We Like to Rock!

Occasionally, we'll turn on some good Christian praise music and have at it.  And this is what the kids do:

He's four ya'll.  I'm no guitar expert but at four, I didn't know how to hold a guitar...and he even plays chords on it and strums up and down.  Do they make guitars small enough for a four year old?

Ceili Rain getting down!

And Bryant just thinks we all flipped our lid.

This rockin' out session was provided by NeedtoBreathe who's music we've been enjoying on their website (and they didn't pay me to say that and I have no idea why NeedtoBreathe is all one word but it is.  I'm goingtostartrightinglikethat  Okayit'slate.).  I will also say that our favorite songs are "Slumber" and "The Outsiders."

Speaking of Rockin' Out.  Mark caught Josiah on tape doing Just Dance Kids!  Let's just say it's fun-ny!

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