Finger Painting

It's 5:30 am on Wednesday.  Yeah, I've been up since 3:30 due to being hot, bathroom run, itching (more on that later), and sinus infection.  I have to be up up by 6:15 and ready to get kids up because for some reason I scheduled their dentist appointments for 7:45 in the morning.  My brain is totally fried.

So, I thought I'd post, seeing as how I missed yesterday, have read all my facebook statuses, and am now up to date with blogs I don't follow.  Priorities you know.

Liam and Josiah are using a new phonics curriculum.  I'll post more about our homeschool stuff later but I wanted to share this first.  The curriculum suggests using different tactile things to encourage writing letters, etc.  One of the suggestions was finger paint.

So, I grabbed a box of pudding, mixed it up and sent the kids outside with it, plates, and swimsuits on.  They enjoyed it for about ten minutes and then wanted to play in the sprinklers!  They barely even ate the pudding (more for me...yippee!).  As you can see, Liam got a lot out of the tactile letter writing and made a guy.  With a sword. 
Josiah made a river and mountains.

I think we'll just stick with the whiteboard and paper from here on out.

Ceili Rain thought it'd be fun to just smash her hand in it.  And lick.  I wholeheartedly agreed with her.

And Bryant, well, he still prefers a morning power nap and was down for the count when all the mess occurred.

Now that that is done.  Let's see if I can catch a thirty minute snooze before time to get up and go.

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