Josiah's Birthday!

'Round here we end June (and start July) with a bang.  This year was no exception!  Josiah celebrated his birthday at the end of the month and I think he had a wonderful time.  He requested some months ago to have a trip to the zoo with the penguins.  Those were his specific instructions.  We couldn't go on his actual birthday but we did go the week of his birthday so it counted as a birthday trip!

Here's what went down on the actual day of the birthday.
Thanks Papa and Grandmere...daddy was only passed out for a short amount of time!

A friend gave us these neat train candle holders some time ago.  We kept them for Josiah's birthday and every now and then we had to take them out and look at them.  Josiah requested a strawberry cake with chocolate icing.  It actually tasted quite good. Anything tastes good with chocolate (even if you're in your first trimester).
So, we couldn't get the icing to work to spell "Happy Birthday Josiah" on the cake.  We wrote it on the table instead.  Improvisation...a mommy's best friend.

Even Bryant got into the party spirit!

Alright.  Well, since I can't seem to find my zoo pictures, those will have to wait until tomorrow...stay tuned!

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