Welcome to the World

Miss Maggie MAC is here! (This is the little one we were welcoming yesterday...well, not yesterday but last month)

Psst:  I made her hat!  My second attempt at crocheting!

Oh yeah, she's beautiful!

Proud Mama, Tracy checking out my first attempt at crocheting...a baby blanket!  I have no idea what I was thinking starting with that.  Apparently, she didn't know what to think either!

Yep, Aunt Abbie was super thrilled to hold this precious one.  Can't get enough of these sweet newborns!

Ace enjoyed holding her too.

Liam thought it was pretty fun as well.

She was making a cute face and I couldn't quite get it.  Oh well...here's a better picture of her hat.

What can I say?!  Our family loves babies.  Welcome to the world sweet baby Maggie MAC!

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