Babies are dirty...

That's why we women like to get together and give them showers.  So, my friend, Tracy, needed a shower for her new baby.  I was happy to oblige.  This was the first shower I've hosted all on my own..  It was a lot of work (only because I probably went over the top) but it was a lot of fun too.

My first try with fondant!  I made this adorable elephant by watching a youtube video (be forewarned:  the artist is wearing a low cut shirt...but the music is fun to dance to while you're making the elephant).  Okay, if you folks don't say it, I will...I think she's adorable.  I didn't make her on my own though.  I shaped her and Zoe helped stick her body parts on.  Zoe also is responsible for cutting out almost all of those polka dots.

 The grammas with the mama!

I made that pennant up there too.  That was super easy!  (I would include the directions I used but I can't seem to find them...anyway, it's basically cut out the pattern from paper/newspapaer...that's a triangle, put a heavy weight fusible interfacing on the bag and fold a ribbon in half and sew it on each triangle and tie together...tada!)

Chocolate party favors (via chocolate candy bars with personalized wrappers).
Oh, made the table runner too!

 Fun game of match the socks!
This isn't Tracy's baby...but she is just as adorable!

Okay, baby girl clothes are just too adorable!

It was a brunch, so I had plenty of brunch food...but apparently I had not set anything out when we took the me, there was lots of food!

Did I mention that Super Wy was there?

He liked the chocolate best of all!

I loved giving her this shower.  I know that it's faux pas to celebrate babies past the first one.  But, I truly believe (and know) that children are gifts from God and each one should be celebrated.  And what better way to celebrate than by having a bunch of ladies get together to eat, laugh, and play silly games!  Zoe was a great help and loved hosting with me.  I loved having the extra help. 

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  1. You did a great job on the shower! It was so nice to get together and celebrate the pending arrival of a new baby!