Bryant's Six Months Old...almost seven

Yeah, I know I'm late.  Sorry about that.  We've just finished an extremely busy wekeend and are looking forward to a little quietness around her (when the kids are sleeping).

Bryant continues to grow.  He's got several nicknames.

The Weird One:  Getting teeth at two months will earn that right off the bat.  But he wasn't satisfied with a little weirdness...nope, commando crawling at five months.  He's also sitting up now.  Last week, I realized he was getting close to sitting up from laying down, so I asked Mark to lower the crib so he didn't pull up on the crib and fall over.  The day after Mark did that he figured out how to sit up from laying down.  Oh, and pulling up, he's learned to pull up on things and showed off this morning by pulling up to a stand on the toilet while I brushed his sister's teeth (yes, the lid was down...girls' bathroom).  I know he's not the only child to do all these things so quickly but he's the only one of our children to do it and it's just plain weird.

Add to that, that he didn't cut anymore teeth.  Until last week.  When he cut FOUR at one time.  We could tell that his top teeth were getting close for several weeks.  One day, his gums started bleeding and we noticed one of the front teeth was finally in.  Fast forward, to Friday night and he would not go to sleep and was extremely fussy.  Thirty minutes after tylenol and he was out like a light for a few hours.  He still woke up early.  After all the activity quieted down in the morning, I sat down by him and checked out his mouth.  Sure enough another tooth had broken through.  Then I checked to see if he was close to getting anymore, but then noticed two more on the bottom had come in.  Weird kid.

He's pushing up on all fours but can't figure out how to go that way and is content to go really fast commando style!

Velcro Baby:  He will grab on and stay attached and will not let go.  He also enjoys doing this to any food we may be trying to consume if he is in our laps.  And toys and hair.  It's all easily attachable to the velcro baby.

The Snuggler:  He can cuddle up next to you and just not move and make you melt.  This is especially true at naptimes and right when he first wakes up.  Ahhh, cuddles from the Snuggler are super good!

Not sure how much longer Ceili Rain is going to be in diapers so one day when they each happened to be wearing their respective gender color, I grabbed some shots.  Aren't they adorable???

(Oh, the necklace is a teething necklace made of amber.  It's supposed to help ease the teething pain.)

And he did go to the doctor in January after he turned 6 months.  Here's his stats:

15 lbs 13 oz (45%)
28 3/4 inches tall (97%)
17 1/2 inches in the head (80%)

As typical for my babies, they slim up about this time.  At least he's not weird in that respect.  He's eating about three times a day and nursing about three times.  Once those teeth get fully in we'll work on just blending foods with the hand blender and feeding him.  He definitely loves to eat...especially mango and avocado!  And most of this information on here is to remind me when I update his baby book so  you can ignore it if you choose.

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