While visiting with Ge & Granddaddy, we also attended a reunion of my grandmother and granddad's families (on my dad's it??? Just know we're all cousins).  I got to see a lot of family that I knew growing up but hadn't seen in a while.  I have two great aunts and one great uncle who is still alive.  My great aunts are awesome!  For my wedding, they showed up in matching dresses.  And they're not twins.  They, mostly my Great Aunt A, have an awesome sense of humor and I love to hear Great Aunt A laughing.  I visited her home once when I was younger and I just remember everyone there being so happy and laughing (maybe that's not how it always was but that's what I remember).  My great Aunt A is in the middle in the green.

Oh, she also took my dad with her when she was dating!  And my dad will be quick to tell anyone that she also bought him his first Easter outfit.

Cousin J, leading the circus wagon!
It was a little warmer this day so all the kids enjoyed playing outside.

Uncle J was too sweet in helping Ceili Rain eat.

Let me just also put in here that my family knows how to cook!

My Aunt D with one of my cousins.  There were lots of cousins!

While there, some people told stories from growing up and dad shared this story about his great grandfather.  It's really true and he was really involved!  We used to have an article that implicated my great grandfather in the predicament but I'm not sure where it is.  It's so believable that he was's told other stories about their pranks.

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