Family Visits

While I should be working on lesson plans, I decided the wait was long enough and here are the pictures from our weekend a couple of weeks ago to honor and say goodbye to Mark's grandmother.  As previously, there were 13 children and six adults in one house.  And the ages of the kids this time were 10, 7, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 2 mths, 1 mth.   I may have been the only one who felt this way but at one point I looked at all the kids gathered together and wondered where the rest were.  It just didn't look like that many kids all together.

Bryant & K meet
Book time with Grandmere is always a must!
Miss G was my shadow for a couple of events and so enjoyed watching Bryant.
Papa got some good Bry lovin' in.
I'm probably getting this wrong but I think this is TJ.  If not, it's N.  I'm still not good at telling them apart.
Now, I really don't know who it is :)
He, I know.  This is H.  And behind him, a very small Ace man.  We enjoyed watching videos from a looong time ago.
So if that was TJ above this would be N and if that was N above, this would be TJ.
Watching the videos.
J loved holding little Bry.
They almost look like Siamese twins they're so close...and both have spit up cloths over them.
Brotherly love!
Cousin love
And lots more cousin love.  Zoe got a quick hold of K before they headed out.

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