Wrap it Up!

Bryant, although still a great night sleeper, has hit the alert stage and has trouble sleeping on his own during the day.  Not surprising as all of our kids did this and by about four months their sleep patterns start getting regular and they can sleep without mommy's help.  Since I've now got two (really three) kids who are being schooled, I decided to give in and try my had at a wrap to wear Bryant in.  He's too small and too young for the mei tai.  The sling works fine but when I lean over he leans too and it's a bit cumbersome.

So here's the results for my wrap:

You can see part of it.  Really it was super easy to do.  I took five and half yards of jersey knit fabric and cut it in half lengthwise.  However, it was a little too small to wrap all the way around, so I got another half yard of the black and white fabric and sewed it on (putting black on the other side so Mark could wear it and not feel girly).  After that it was watch video after video on youtube to make sure I put it on right. I would have got on Babywearer's site but they were down and I was desperate.  I also found Wrap Your Baby which has video on how to wear a baby with a wrap too.  Way cool.

And if you think it takes a long time to get a wrap on...you are thinking correctly.  However, I found out that I could wrap it around me and just wear it and put him in it when necessary.

Mark loves it.  He's still learning how to put it on, but it's his go-to wearing mechanism.  Mostly because it doesn't hurt his bag and it's not bulky.  The first time he put it on, Liam remarked, "Daddy:  the Jedi Baby Warrior."  I purposely did not buy the brown because wrapped up it looks like a Jedi costume! 


  1. ok, I want to see a full picture!! does this wrap around your shoulder AND your upper arm? That isn't cumbersome or hard to move your arms? I thought it just went over your shoulder and wrapped in a basic X around your back and then back again. I could see how this would be an awesome back saving feature!! I'll enjoy looking at your pictures doing it and quietly wish this had been around--or I'd known about it--when I was slingin' kids:)

  2. It can spread across your shoulder and arms if you want/need more back support (fanning it out in the back). It's a stretch material. So it's adjustable on the arms and it doesn't really get in the way.

    It does make a big X in the front and back. I'll wear it next get together and you can see how it works. It's a little warm so not something to use during the summer but the fall months until his sleep gets going will be perfect.

    I do enjoy wearing him and so wish I hadn't been so stubborn with the first five and tried different carriers besides my sling!