Getting Ready to Party!

The morning before the party, I woke up and asked the kids if they wanted to make a pinata.  Why not?!?  It's not like we had anything else to do.  Mark just laughed at me and so, the challenge was on to occupy their time and prepare for a party complete with a homemade pinata.

I've made one before with my mom, so Mark and I thought for sure the kids would enjoy it.  Zoe and Josiah did.  Ace and Liam weren't thrilled about getting their hands dirty.  Mark and I had a blast.  This was his first pinata making experience.  It was ready to decorate the next day.  I decided that since Ace chose a dinosaur birthday cake, we'd make a volcano pinata.

Saturday morning...trying to get it decorated before the party that afternoon.

While I painted, Ace and Liam got the party favors ready.

Ta Da!!!  It turned out pretty good.  Although I did have to tell some people what it was supposed to be!  It really didn't matter what it looked like...the kids just wanted to know what was inside and grab for it!

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