REVIEW: Total Pillow and GIVEAWAY

UPDATE:  7/31/10  Mark and I made a further inspection and found that the pillow actually does have a hole at one of the seams.  So, that solves the "where the beads are coming from" mystery.
UPDATE: Per a more recent post, I have had a problem with the microbeads in my pillow leaking out of the pillow. I've contacted the company and will update as to whether this is an isolated incident. Stay tuned!

(Update: I just added a giveaway below...scroll down and then leave a comment to be entered).

Total Pillow is a doughnut/flower shaped all in one pillow. This pillow can be used to support back, neck and head. It can be used anywhere from the office to the car to the bed.

Mark has listened and searched for a perfect pillow for me. It seems that we are constantly on the lookout for a pillow that will keep my neck from hurting or aching. I've tried everything from the most expensive to the least. Nothing seems to fit quite right and I'm constantly having to adjust or purchase a new pillow.

When I got word that I would be reviewing the Total Pillow, I was pumped. The pillow arrived in the mail the day before my induction. Perfect! I was about to enter a great environment to test out this pillow. All the nurses asked me about it and were quite interested in it.

So, off to a great testing ground, with my labor bag and Total Pillow in hand, I went.

I was a bit skeptical because of it's size. It's a tad small. However, it can be adjusted to fit in different ways from bending it in half to twisting it up. Let me say, I was super thrilled to have this pillow throughout labor and post partum as well! As I labored, I sat up and rested on the back of the bed, the pillow was a great face support through contractions. It was a great pillow to rest on in between pushes. And it slept very well, when I slept, in the hospital. I do believe this will have to go on my labor essentials list!

I'm now using it at night for my main bedtime pillow and it's working pretty well. There are microbeads in the pillow which help it to stay firm and maintain the shape you put it in. It's super comfortable. I'm still working on getting it in just the right way...but so far it's not going flat and it holds the shape I put it in.

So, where can you get this super duper amazing pillow??? Total Pillow is sold here. And right now they have a buy one get one free deal. Plus, a few extras thrown in! The pillow (plus extras right now) are being sold for $19.99.

But wait...there's more!!! Want to win your own Total Pillow??? The makers of Total Pillow are generously giving away one on our blog! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post...any ol' comment (and no, you don't get bonus entries if you tell me how adorable I look in my hospital gown or how totally beautiful our little one is...although you will make me smile). Comments will be closed at midnight on July 30th. I'll randomly select a winner. One comment per email please. And don't forget to leave a comment so I know how to give you your goody!

Disclaimer: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Total Pillow for this review.


  1. Do I get extra credit for being the first comment? I think you know how to reach me if I am the randomly selected winner. I won't guilt trip you into selecting me based on our friendship. . .unless you think it would work

  2. Melissa StoltzfusJuly 27, 2010 at 3:33 PM

    Glad you found a good pillow. I feel your pain. Since I have disc problems in my neck, I have alot of trouble finding the right pillow too. Most mornings I wake up with a very sore neck and a headache. Guess maybe I will have to try this one, although I'm not sure about the microbeads. I have tried some before and the beads all separate and don't stay under my neck for support.

  3. You know that I would love to try one for my neck:) I have found a great bedtime pillow...finally! I am always on the look out for a great neck pillow. BTW you and Bryant do look adorable! Love you, Erin

  4. I saw you using that at the hospital, but I was too busy loving on Bryant to ask about it. Oh well, I'll get my priorities right one of these days! I totally think you should randomly select me! :)

  5. I am glad that you have found a something to relieve your neck pains. While I don't have this issue, I know someone who suffers greatly from neck/back problems and I would LOVE to win this for her.

  6. That sounds awesome! Anything that can help while in the hospital beds especially in labor, is a bonus! That would be so awesome to win one then I will have it for my next round of labor this winter! So glad you and Bryant are doing well! I will also have to look into getting a gown like you had. I loved the way you talked about how it was made.Sounds so much better than a regular hospital gown. Not to mention how adorable it was!

  7. Congrats on the newest addition. The pillow sounds great!

  8. Okay, seriously, I left a message on here yesterday, but I am leaving another one because I don't see mine! Would love, love, love to try this pillow!

  9. I am all about a great giveaway. I am also going to comment about how great you look and Bryant is adorable.

  10. Bryant is adorable. I enjoyed reading his birth story. What a trooper! You made it (again) without drugs! Glad the pillow was helpful. I've got to get busy sewing and then I'll be sending something cute your way.