Giveaway Alert/Caution

UPDATE: I've just emailed the company and will post up to date information as I receive it. You can check the Total Pillow post for up to date info. Thanks!

I was trying to use my Total Pillow last night and realized there was something "crumby" on my bed...after a little further inspection, I realized it was the microbeads from the pillow! They were all over my bed, hair, and Bryant's hair. I checked out my pillow but could not find a hole but noticed that they were coming through the fabric.

So, I wanted everyone to be cautious of this. I'm in the process of the contacting the company to see if this is a common problem or an isolated incident. I've used it mildly over the past seven days (couldn't really get it adjusted at night for comfort but used it for my back and some neck support). So, I'm not sure why it's doing this.

I wanted everyone to be aware of the problem, so if you win and don't want the pillow, please let me know so I can select another winner.

I'll update on this post as soon as I hear from the company.

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