A WHOLE Bunch of Characters

Waaaay back in April, we headed to Papa & Grandmere's house for a quick weekend family visit and to celebrate Mark's home church's 50th Anniversary.  Now, by family, I mean us, Papa & Grandmere and Mark's brother Uncle B and his family.

Isn't the picture above cool?!  Uncle B put it together with a special gadget on their camera and editing software.  Don't look too closely though, or you'll see some "ghost" figures in the pic.

Now on to the fun we had that weekend!
Lawnmower riding...and driving.  Eight kids in the wagon...Two kids driving (Cousin J helped Ace drive the lawnmower).  Number Eleven was taking a much needed nap so she missed out.

Uncle B teaching Liam how to drive.  That's just a little bit of a scary thought.

BaseGolf...a new game for toddlers!
Cousin G looking all grown up.
Cousin O as busy as ever.

The pregnant mamas deep in conversation.  This was right before we headed out to find some good deals at some yard sales and ending up at a children's consignment sale where I found a crib for $45 and a mattress for $6 and Aunt B found a stroller/infant carrier for under $20.  That was just awesome!

Papa's enjoying teaching all the grandkids to play games.  First up was Uno...later in the afternoon they played Monopoly or "Mono-Poly" as the kids call it.

And no post is complete without one of the twins...here is one (can't name because all I can see is the top of the head...I need the face to name him) sharing with Ceili Rain.  She thought it was pretty cool to be outside but not have to put her feet on the grass.

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