Almost two years ago one very hot and humid August, Mark and I were sitting at Chick-fil-a with four kids who were really busy running, jumping, and screaming in the play area.  It was a nice break as I had just learned I was pregnant with Ceili Rain and I needed some breathing time.  As we sat there, I glanced over at a table near us and did a head count of kids...hmmm, I thought, this lady has almost as many as we do...and they're all close in age.  As is normal for my crew, they made friends right away (but never got their names).  As is normal for me, I never really said much to the couple that cradled their baby and ran interference with the other two.

About a month later, I was a greeter at church helping get people to and from nursery/childcare rooms etc.  And in walks this family...with three children, close in age to my kids.  Hmmm...I soon realized this was the same family from Chick-fil-a.  I told them so and I think they thought I was just a little weirdo for remembering them.. 

Their daughter, who is Zoe's age, had a tough adjustment but seemed to calm down some when I told her Zoe was her age and in her class.  I soon shuffled the mom and dad off to our Sunday school class as well. 

And even though, I was a little weird, they kept coming back!  And not even a month after attending our church, the mom, Kristina, announces she is pregnant with #4...and due the same month I am. 

Thus, started a wonderful friendship!  We've laughed together, cried together, listened to each other scream at their children together.  Add in that they started homeschooling this past year, and we've enjoyed all the adventures that come with that together. 

Most of our time spent together has centered around our kids...whether it's braving the pool and daring the other to watch the kids while going on a bathroom run....dragging them all through Hobby Lobby...throwing them in the backyard so we can talk...or sewing up some cute (and probably annoying to some) matching outfits for our girls. 

And, they are heading out of town.  The dad, J, is in the army and is being transferred to a foreign land (okay, it's not foreign but when you've only lived in two states anything outside of that might as well be).

I really feel that we've built a life long friendship with this family.  We're already working out arranged marriages for the kids.  And planning vacations together. 

Kristina thinks like I do...but on a much more laid back scale.  Mark is a lot like J in that they are computer "geeks" and don't have to say a lot to get their points across. Our kids have always been instant friends.  Sure, they can fight like siblings but they can also love on each other and bring smiles to each other in a heartbeat.

To say they're going to be missed is an understatement.  The kids have already dubbed this month the "sad" month.  This is the first real group of friends they have had move.

I know, I could write a thousand more words here to talk about my friendship with Kristina and her family...but it's late and I don't want to cry all over the keyboard and make a big sopping mess...just know, my dear friends, that we love you and will always be praying for you and can't wait for you to come down to meet little Bryant! (and for us to come up and invade your home)

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