The Great Adventure

We found out, through our super homeschool group, that Six Flags was offering a homeschool day with incredibly discounted tickets.  Never one to pass up a deal and also wanting Josiah to play in Thomas Town, we signed up and got our tickets!  Now, the fact that I was 29 weeks pregnant and that, as the day approached, we found out it was going to be the hottest and most humid day of Spring did not stop us.  The minute we stepped out the car, we all started sweating.  The two goals of the day quickly became, stay hydrated, and have fun (in that order)!

I think we accomplished both.

This was the first ride we got to before heading to Thomas Town.  Needless to say, Josiah and Liam were not impressed with the ride.  They lightened up though and rode all the rides in the kids area, including the family roller coaster (with Mark, of course...I got to hang out with Ceili Rain in the shade).

Thomas Town was pretty neat.  There was basically a playground and then a kid size Thomas Train with Annie and Clarabel as the passenger cars.  That was it.  But the kids didn't care.  They had a blast.

Mark and I were trying to figure out how to introduce the kids to roller coasters without making them wish to never get on one again.  So, we opted for the Mine Train (this is before we found the family coaster).  Needless to say, since it's been over 10 years since we've been, we forgot how jumpy and rickety that train was.  Ace was not happy having been bumped around the whole time.  Zoe loved it and wanted to go again. 

We opted to hit one more coaster on the way out to eat lunch.  And off she went with Dad to the Georgia Cyclone.  No fear at all in her eyes.  There was no line so they got right on.  And when they got off, Mark commented about how jerky that one was.  Zoe said it was "Okay."  Mark seemed to think she got a little apprehensive after the first big drop.

Unfortunately, that was the last roller coaster we hit.  We traveled to the Looney Tunes area after lunch and then hit a few other things before they closed for the day.  I think Zoe would have done the Mind Bender but we just didn't have time.  She has seen it and Goliath from the interstate for the past seven years and has wanted to ride them.  She wasn't quite tall enough for Goliath (and Mark has to build up his courage for that's tall and goes throughout the whole park and even outside the park).  And she couldn't do any of the stand up rides (she didn't even want to try the Batman ride).  I was so proud of her and Ace being willing to try the different rides.  They are so much more courageous than I was at their age!

Even Josiah and Liam showed no fear getting on some of the rides...and they were a little sad when they saw they were too short for the rides that Zoe and Dad did. 

I snuck on to a couple of rides with the kids too!

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