Why I've been semi-absent this week

So, my first attempts at real sewing with Zoe's swimsuit, I got brave and decided to make some more things. I found this website and really got pumped at all the adorable outfits. So, I just had to make one for Zoe and a matching one for Ceili Rain. Then, I found a dress for Zoe that was just a little short for a six year old bouncy girl so I needed to make some pantaloons to go under it. I found that pattern here. And then, going through all of the clothes, I realized Zoe needed some pjs/nightgowns. I also realized that I had a ton of fabric that my mom had found at some place and given to me and that my mother-in-law had persuaded me to keep when I went on a cleaning rampage. So, I bought a nightgown pattern from Simplicity to make one. After announcing all of my ambitious pursuits to Grandmere she set a time to travel.

And here is the fruit of our efforts. She was a great teacher. I'm still not quite sure how we got all this accomplished with five children constantly wanting Grandmere's attention or needing my disciplining...but we did.

I did not get pictures of the nightgown or pantaloons but I did get some of the dresses! My plan is to make at least two to three more nightgowns/pjs for Zoe for the winter. Then she should be set for a good amount of time.

Getting measured...yep, the consignment clothes are still there. And they still are right now...I'm working on it.

Deuling sewing machines...this was Tuesday night trying to make headway before Grandmere had to leave on Wednesday.
The sewing diva...

and the wannabe!

The skirt to Zoe's Twirl Dress (Ellie's Twirl Dress from youcanmakethis.com to be exact). Let me just say that was a lot of material and a lot of gathering. Not sure I'll do this one again. But it did turn out adorable...scroll down.

Zoe put it on and couldn't stop spinning...well, she did stop several times because she kept falling, but she did love it. The pattern also came with instructions for a headband which was super easy.

Princess #2 with her twirl dress. She didn't spin but she looked equally adorable. No headband for her but check out her "kicks." I found the FREE pattern and directions at TackyLiving.com. And yes, these are just like those expensive leather type shoes. Since Ceili Rain isn't walking yet, I bypassed the leather sole and went for a cute matching one...that's the only changes I made. They were amazingly easy!

Ace asked to get a picture with her, and I willingly obliged.


  1. Abbie the girls dresses are adorable. You did a great job.

  2. You did a great job!!! A little backing and a little filling and a little quilting--or tying--and you'd also have a great quilt. You put a lot of work into these. Congratulations on 2 beautiful girls!!

  3. Yes, it would've made a cute quilt but I just couldn't resist the girly colors!!! Thanks everyone...I love being able to have my girls match...until Zoe deems it too cheesy.