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Yeah, I know I'm clogging up the blog world with pictures of my precious baby...but come on people! She's adorable!! Am I right or am I right???

Anyway, last night we pulled down Liam's baby book and flipped to four months...guess what? Ceili Rain is Liam with a dress on (or not as the case may be in these photos). They look exactly alike minus the blue eyes on Liam and light brown eyes on Ceili Rain (yep brown, but not as dark as Josiah's eyes).

"Iiiii'mmmm cute!"

Even with...Drool flying out my mouth!

Ceili Rain isn't all that's been happening around here. Stay tuned for "How We Do Things: Homeschooling" and some more posts about a new arrival and family and's going to be a good week next week!

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