Soccer Camp for Ace

Ace enjoyed soccer camp last week...much more than his sister (it was too much running). He got the hang of the techniques they taught and seemed to really enjoy himself. I like these two hour camps for five days. The kids get to try out different things and it gives us a good view of whether or not it is their "bent." While Ace enjoyed the camp, he told me he didn't really want to play it this year.

After spending 30 minutes clutching me on Monday, he warmed up to the coaches and also made friends. A little too friendly for me...this little girl followed him around and kept trying to hold his hand...but he just took in stride, one of the benefits of having a sister I guess.

Friday, the other kids got to enjoy it too!

Zoe playing heads/hands (whatever she called out they had to do the opposite).

What Ceili Rain enjoyed most out of the whole week...sleep when she could get it.

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