Cloth Times Two!

Since I still have two babies in diapers, I thought I'd get them together for a little photo session. One pink, one blue...too cute if you ask me!

And they love each other too! Josiah was thrilled to have some one on one cuddle time with little sis! She tolerates him pretty well.

To read a little more about cloth diapering you can look at my post here. Still a big big fan of BumGenius!


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  2. that is officially cute! don't let your proud mommy heart explode! :o)

  3. adorable. I'm a cloth mama to 1 and I've wondered how much extra work have 2 in cloth is. I'm assuming it's just a little more laundry all around.

  4. It really isn't too much work. The washing is a little more. We bought 24 cloth diapers with the first child and then purchased 12 more with our daughter. Now, I'm starting to potty train the 2 year old so it's moved from cloth diapers to underwear (Can you say, "Fun?").