Surfin' Hilton Head

Saturday, we hit the beach. The kids (including Mark) had a wonderful time actually getting into the water.

Liam was "holding back the water." He told Mark, "I'm doing it daddy...Look!"

Josiah and I were walking back up to the tent when we spotted this. A starfish! This is the first time I've seen one at the beach. Josiah touched it but by the time the rest of the kids got out of the water, he was curling up and they didn't want to touch it. So, Mark scooped it up and we had a quick Science lesson on why it was sand colored and how it ate and felt around. Then, Mark threw it back in the ocean.
Josiah tried to figure out where it went. While we were all out in the water, a man came up and handed us a few sand dollars to look at. That was neat. I'd never seen them up close. After we looked at them and put them back, Zoe informed us that she had picked up one when she was scooping sand up and promptly screamed and threw it back in the water.

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