Concert Time

We didn't play at the beach upon our arrival on Friday because we wanted to take the kids to hear Gregg Russell. He's been singing on Hilton Head for over 30 years. He sings mostly children's songs. What we didn't realize is that Friday is typically the last night for most vacationers and so they all jam in going to hear Gregg was very packed! The cool part was there were a ton of other free activities before the concert including, our kids' favorite, puppets.

The big oak tree where Gregg Russell sings.

Gregg lets the kids get on stage but Ace, Liam and Josiah were very hot and very tired and opted for the steps near mom and dad. It was extremely humid with no breeze...making for a long wet night.
What Ceili Rain did...surprised???

Zoe, of course, sat on stage and made friends. Those homeschoolers are sooo anti-social!

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