No Blood, No Foul

A general rule around here, that I reiterate but no one seems to listen to, is: If you're fighting, work it out. Only come to me if you are bleeding or unconscious (which of course they can't come to me when they're uncounsious but if someone else is unconscious they could...).

Anyway, on Monday, I began our new routine which included me getting up early. We're also trying to get on a better cleaning schedule so we don't live in filth. Monday was bathroom cleaning day, and I as I feverishly worked to get our bathroom done before Ceili Rain was hungry, I heard wailing and weeping and it gradually got louder. Since Ceili Rain was asleep in the closet (more on that later), I met the throng at the gates of my sanctuary (bedroom) to see what was the matter. The first whispered, strained statement was, "Are you bleeding???" I grabbed Ace (the wounded) and realized not only was he bleeding but it was pouring down.

I stop in the middle of my story to ask, "Did you know that apparently even a mere flesh wound on the head can cause buckets of blood to pour out??"

This is what I found out. Ace had it everywhere. I began to wonder if we were about to make our first official wounded trip to the ER but after cleaning the blood off starting from the bottom to the top, I realized it was "merely a flesh wound." A very little gash in the front of the hairline administered by a sweet baby brother playing drums on Ace's head.

And, there, is a lesson learned...don't automatically assumed that your melodramatic kids are being melodramatic for no reason...because sometimes there's a reason.

Also, please note: When discussing wounds, it's imperative that you quote Monty Pythons, because "I'm not dead yet..."

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  1. Head wounds DO bleed a whole heck of a lot. Take it from me. Been there, done that, multiple times.

    We also like Monty Python's quote,"it's just a flesh wound." I'd be willing to share that shirt with you! It's a knight with no arms or legs and that quote.