This All Happened on Sunday!!

Ace painted a rock at church in Sunday school this past week. Here's the conversation about why he painted a rock.

Mark: Ace, who did you talk about in Sunday school?

Ace: Jacob

Mark: What did Jacob use to sleep on?

Ace: A rock.

Mark: After Jacob had the dream while sleeping on the rock, what did he do with the rock?

Ace: He planted it. It didn't grow anything.

(Correct answer would have been he built an alter/ebenezer/memorial...oh close)


Pastor L told the baptismal participants to be sure and look for the last step down into the baptism waters because sometimes people miss it. At the end of his talk, Zoe raised her hand to ask a question.

Zoe: What happens if you miss the step going into the water?

Pastor L: Well, I guess you'll be baptized before I can get to you.


Grandmere and Papa made the trek to see Zoe baptized. My friend, A, asked Liam if Grandmere was here (meaning at church).

Liam: No.

A (thinking that she must have the grandmom name wrong): Well, who's here?

Liam: I am.

And the last one. This has nothing to do with our kids but it was funny. Another large family has a van close to the same color as ours but it's a 15 passenger where ours is just a 12 passenger. One of the family members, a boy in first grade (I believe), came walking up with one of our minister's sons. He kept saying to the minister's son, "See, it's not ours!" I guided them a few cars down to their van saying that they both wanted to be Characters. It was quite funny to us! So, C, I'll take your kids any day! Even P!

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