I have THE shirt!

So, I have a friend who wanted to give me something at church on Sunday but she had to see me open the gift. Hmmm...I knew she is devoted blog reader and I knew she was very creative. So, I knew something was up. I got the best and coolest shirt...

Okay, so my expression leaves something to be desired. Read on dear friends...

Oh yeah, I put the shirt on right away and paraded around the church. I need to get one for another friend who just delivered her 12th! Isn't that an awesome baby gift. Oh, and she got some stuff for Ceili Rain.

She even spelled her name correctly. What's so funny is that those things on the left side are burp cloths and I had just told Mark that afternoon that I needed to make some more burp cloths for Ceili Rain and get them embroidered as I only had three burp cloths for her. Ta da! Beautiful cloths for her to spit up all over and I didn' t have to do the work!

Thanks so much L! I love them all!!!

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