Snow Day!!

It actually snowed here. A little bit. Well, it really snowed a lot all and it lasted all day. I thought it would be momentary, so as soon as I spotted snowflakes we ran outside and then when it kept snowing we came back in, put on hats and coats and traipsed back out. After that it was time to sip hot chocolate...oh yeah! Of course, it may have snowed but it didn't stick. It was way too warm the past few days to stick, but the kids enjoyed seeing it for the first time. The last time we had any snow was a light dusting when Zoe was a couple of weeks old. She told me she didn't remember that. Here's my snow dudes and dudette...I made sure to get some close ups of the snow for my friends who wouldn't believe me.

See the snowflake??

Josiah feelin' the snow.

And yes, my boys are in their pjs, but they are blanket sleepers and they were nice and toasty. They requested a pj day and since we didn't have anywhere to go, I agreed to it. I can be nice sometimes.

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