Adoption Expo and a Quick Visit

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to attend an adoption expo at a church in North Carolina. On the way, we stopped and visited with some friends. They have a 2 year old and a little almost six month old. We had a great visit and the kids loved playing with the 2 year old.

The adoption expo was great. A church sponsered it through their orphan care ministry and Mark and I learned a lot. We also got to see Meridith Andrews perform/lead worship and that was wonderful too. Anyway, no major incidences with the kids. We all survived a compact hotel room and to kill time the night before the expo we let the kids take over Wal-Mart. It was too cold to do much else...and it was a very small town. Zoe, our ever social butterfly, made friends with a girl who is about her age. She had been adopted from China. Somehow I doubt adopting a child internationally is going to be a big issue for her. Liam made friends with some high schoolers who were entertaining kids with a craft to be sent on a mission trip. Ace just hung out and colored and chased Josiah around. Good times, good times.

'R' on the steps. He is so adorable!

Ace and Liam loved 'R's new Christmas present from us. I have to admit it was pretty cool...and it had an off button...big plus!

Here is 'E' with his mom. Sorry, C, about that expression but that was the best we had. Not sure what the face was about.

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  1. I wish I knew what that face is all about! Fortunately, the boys are more photogenic than I am. Great to see you all last weekend!