Yee Haw!

While visiting with family this past weekend, we also got to visit with my side of the family. My niece has been riding horses since she was in the first grade. She's in fourth now. I can not begin to express how proud we are of her. She's so good at it and my girly girl niece can muck a stall with the best of them! She's an animal lover and horses seem to be a passion of hers. They've also been a great therapy tool as she continues to miss her best friend who passed away a year and a half ago. All that to say, J we are seriously proud of how well you ride and how much you know about horses!

J took the kids on a walk around with the horse in turns. Ace wanted to ride by himself. He had a look of discontent the whole time and we asked him several times if he wanted to get off, but he kept saying no. When it ended, he told us he didn't like it...his reason: it was too bumpy.

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