A House Full...

This past weekend we were able to descend upon Papa & Grandmere, Mark's parents, and spend time visiting with them and with Mark's brother and family. So, again, for those who didn't pay attention when invaded in September, here's the run down stats:

Ages: 8, 6 (turned 6 while we were there), 5 (but will be six in two more days...so I'm reminded), 4, 4, 2, 2, 1, 6 mths, 6 mths
Gender: 3 girls, 7 boys
That's six on B&B's side and four on our side.
No, we're not Catholic (not that there's anything wrong, etc...I'm just saying, I know people wonder)

On to the pictures shall we! I will say that Ace was as sweet as he could be with the twins. Probably his favorite time, hands down. I think he really enjoyed that they played on the floor and he could entertain them. Zoe loved having someone her age to giggle and laugh and play with. The boys loved jumping on their big cousin. It was a wonderful time for us all.

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