The Girls' Room

The girls' room is painted and the crib is in. I still want to get bedding, new curtains, a lamp, and Ceili Rain's changing pad and we'll be set in the girls' room. Zoe and I really had a good time painting the canvasses. They turned out better than I had expected. I kept my hands off of hers to "fix" it and they look great!

My canvasses...first time I've ever really painted and add to that that it was on canvas! I'm glad my grandmother can't see it...she'd probably be embarrassed, painter that she was!

Zoe's canvasses! Didn't she do great! I pretty much let her do whatever she wanted.

Zoe's side of the room...notice Raggedy Andy sprawled out...Raggedy Anne is on the other side...looks like they've kicked the bucket to me. The dresser is what I did for her room before. Mark and Zoe agreed that I didn't need to change it for now...fine by me but I would have loved to repaint it and put flowers on it to match the room.

Ceili Rain's crib (that was Josiah's, that was Liam's, that was Ace's, that was Zoe's, that Mark made..."and this is the house that Jack built..."). I don't have any girly bedding or bumper pad, but hoping to pick that up soon.


  1. Looks great Abbie! You both did good jobs on the paintings!

  2. I love the room. The canvases look great. You both did a fantastic job.