Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

I just have to say there must be something in the water at church...

In the past week two of my friends have found out they are expecting! It's so exciting to hear and see about. One friend has been praying for a baby for what seems like a long time now. We are so thrilled to see her and her husband become parents.

So, the baby count just at church for the next year looks to be close to 10 or so maybe more.

It's neat to see. When Ace was born in 2004, there were at least 20 women at our church expecting a baby. Even though some of the families have moved, etc since then, his class remains rather large, meaning lots of babies were born that year and not just in our church.

I'm wondering if the same trend is happening this time around. It'll be interesting to see.

I'm so excited Ceili Rain will have friends to play with who are only four and five months apart!

Congratulations to my friends! We are praying for protection and health for all the moms and babes.

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