The Football Story (or why there is a football in all of Liam's pictures)

Yeah, I know that's a long title but the story is kinda funny.

When the photographer started taking pictures, Liam decided it wasn't what he wanted to do so he threw himself down and started frowning. Mark grabbed a stuffed animal and tried to get him to smile. Our photographer didn't seem to confident in her entertaining and picture taking skills so she got another photographer to come in and try to get him to smile. He put a feather boa on his head and Liam looked at him like he needed to see a shrink. I kept looking and searching all the props, etc. I tried a puppet...all hope seemed lost.

Then I spotted it. It was brown...hmmm, could it work??? I began to wonder. It was worth a shot though. I grabbed the big brown "pigskin" and showed it to Liam.

"What's this Liam?"

"Football" and a grin spread across his face from ear to ear. Thus, the football got the kids group shot and then we went on to individuals, etc...I didn't dream of taking the football away!

When she got to the boys' shot she asked us if we wanted the football in the picture.

"Why not?" we's part of our family!

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