Family Pictures

We get family pictures done every year. I would love to be one of those mom's who does the pictures like every six months, etc...but we just can't afford it. I have a friend who told us about Portrait Innovations a few years ago and we willingly make a trek to one each year as the pictures turn out awesome and they are very reasonably priced. Recently one opened up where my parents live, however, we could not get schedules to coincide with going there so we had to travel to another one! They take a ton of pictures and Mark and I were really brave in letting the photographer know what we wanted this year. Without further ado...the pictures.

I just pulled these from our cd, so I didn't get a chance to crop any...sorry!

This year, we picked out pictures to keep that really went with each child's personality. However, there was some other really good ones I wanted to share. I'll point out the ones we actually bought, though as wall pictures (since they'll go up on the wall for a year!).

Zoe's picture to go on the wall!

I've always wanted a picture of her twirling since that's what she loves doing!

Contemplative...we didn't choose this one because she was playing with her wiggly front tooth...I still like it though.

Ace's flirtatious wall picture!

We just had to get this one. I think I'm going to put it up in the boys' room.

Does this say All-American or what???

My football lover!

Liam's wall picture...gotta have that mischievous grin.

The, "What did I do now???" look

Full force loveable boy (and our wall picture)

Yeah, he was a challenge to sit still...but he liked this rocking chair so we threw it in.

Aren't they beautiful!?! I love my kids and all the great photographers at Portrait Innovations.

Stay tuned for the football story and maternity pictures!

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  1. love love the pics!!! Josiah is growing soooo fast!!