A Few Ceili Rain Things

1. Zoe's (or should I say, "the girls") room is getting a redo this week! I'm so excited that we are able to paint and rearrange for Zoe and Ceili Rain. Right now, it looks as though we'll start Josiah in the "big boy bed" with big brother the first of December. Zoe's getting a flowery girly room with lots of bright girly colors. I think she's pumped. Of course, we're painting it pink. We'll get the paint sometime before Friday and start painting on Friday. Mark got Ceili Rain's closet converted into a changing table/closet for her. Still some rearranging with other things in there (mainly Zoe's toys) and it'll be good to go for her. For those that don't know, Zoe has two closets. One is rather large and the other is a smaller, standard size. Ceili Rain will use the standard size for now.

2. Ceili Rain is very low. I mean extremely low. Yes, I know that according to old wives' tales that babies carried low are boys, but apparently Ceili Rain didn't get the message...or she's grown another appendage since the ultrasound a few weeks ago. I can feel when she squeezes by my bladder and that warrents an immediate trip to the bathroom. I feel kind of bad for my friends and family, but sorry, you guys, you're not allowed to rub my belly to feel her move. I've had a couple of acquaintances at church ask if she's moving and then put their hand on my belly. I either tell them, no, or I just say yep, and she's way down there...and try not to actually show them as that would be inappropriate to show in public! Mark has felt her move and so has Zoe...which thrilled her to death. On the plus side of having a low carrying baby, she isn't kicking me in the ribs (like three of the others did) and I can actually breathe fairly easily!

3. In one of Zoe's creative writing assignments last week, she was asked to draw a picture of a blessing from God. She drew a picture of her holding Ceili Rain. To say this girl is excited about her little sister is putting it mildly!

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