Being Thankful...

Tonight, my good-natured grumbling got a check. I have nursery duty rotation on Wednesday nights and have been doing it with a friend for well over a year now. I got to know this particular friend when she started coming to our church almost three years ago and I greeted her at the door (another nursery duty I volunteer for) and saw she had a daughter the same age as Liam. I directed her to our Sunday school class and talked a little bit. She said I dragged her in there and have held them be it...gotta get people in church somehow.

Anyway, as I got to know her and her husband, I soon found out that the "daughter" she had was not really hers but a foster child and that they were foster parents. I got so excited about that, but my heart ached when she told me why they were foster parents. She was unable to have children.

Since the time they first came to our church, we've met many a kid through them. And, they were blessed with a finalization on a adoption of a beautiful daughter who is a mere four days younger than Josiah (she's adorable I must say...although very much a toddler as is Josiah).

Back to tonight...We love doing nursery together so we can catch up and talk and grumble about our misbehavin' kids...and what cute things they are doing, etc. Anyway, tonight Ceili Rain decided to do her normal evening acrobatics of flipping completely around. It kind of takes my breath when she does this but I'm getting used to it. I remarked about how I can feel her twisting and turning completely around. K got completely silent and then asked, "Is it amazing being able to feel another living human being inside you?"

Wow! Definitely puts my past grumblings in perspective. I thought about it and thought about how amazing it truly is and what a blessing I've had to feel not one nor two but five little ones moving and grooving inside me. And with Ceili Rain, not just her kicks, but her pushes and flips and turns. I am so blessed and wish so much I could give that same feeling to some of my friends who long to be pregnant either again or at all.

We've been witness to a lot of parents losing their children, babies really, lately, and my heart aches so much for them. I've taken this pregnancy at less of a grumbling stage. Even when Ceili Rain uses my bladder as a trampoline, I just grin and giggle and rush to the bathroom...I think I took that more for granted my last pregnancies. Not this time. Life is too precious.

So, when people look at me sympathetically and ask how I'm feeling I'm not lying when I say great. I really do feel good and not huge and not bloated and not uncomfortable (unless you see me flying to the know what's going on then)...I just feel blessed.

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  1. Amen.
    Couldn't have said it better myself.
    Betsy :)