Welcome to Oz!

Happy Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, Friday...or whatever! I got the kids dressed up this morning since I was finishing Ace's costume and there's no guarntee that he'll actually dress up tonight. We've got some other things going on tonight as well. Enjoy your trip to Oz!

Here's the whole gang getting ready to head down the yellow brick road. I must confess that I bought two costumes (Zoe's and Josiah's). I barely got Ace's finished this year.

The Cowardly Lion was hiding!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The Tin Man is a little rusty (I'm so punny).

Dorothy lending a hand to the rusty tin man.

The Scrarecrow searching for his brain and trying to hide from the camera.

Yippee! I have my courage!!


  1. Oh, how adorable [and authentic looking] !! Zoe makes a much better Dorothy that the movie one. Everyone looks great and huggable,

  2. Abbie - these are soooo cute! What good memories to look back on someday! Love the bus also!

  3. You did a GREAT job on the costumes and the idea!! If the baby had been born you could've had a little Toto puppy baby costume! Ha!! Maybe next year!
    I dressed Preslee in a skunk costume!! She was the sweetest little stinker!! Cade was a ninja and States, well he has decided he is too old to dress up now - so he just wore a shirt that says "THIS IS MY COSTUME" Ha!!