And #5 is...

Very flexible! In case you can't tell, that's her leg kicked up and it looks as though the baby was about to stick the toes in the mouth.

The baby is also very healthy! No problems whatsoever! Growing as a little 20 week on in utero baby should be doing.

Let's see...anything else...hmmm...oh yeah, I guess everyone wants to know whether the baby is a boy or's a girl!

Lots to praise God for: a healthy baby and a little girl. Did I get a little emotional when the sonographer announced it? Oh you bet I did. We were able to tell it was a girl, but know that there is still a small chance that something else could have been hiding (but from the u/s picture, I doubt it).

Her name is Ceili Rain Mabry. Ceili (pronunced Kaylee) is celtic for "celebration/party". Rain is the stuff that falls down. So our translation for Ceili Rain is a celebration coming down from heaven (since, ya know, rain falls from the sky). I must confess that is not original and is the name of a Celtic Christian group but we felt it was beautiful and with such a sweet meaning it fits. We've waited for our sweet girl blessing to come down from God for a little over four years (since we decided on the name). Her middle name, Mabry, means "joyous." She is already a joy to us (well, with the exception of Ace...he's still trying to adjust to the idea and when Zoe told him he said, "ughhh, man!"). Oh, and she will be called Ceili Rain for anyone wondering. We call 'em what we name them (but sometimes add and embellish it for endearing terms).

Thanks for the prayers for a healthy baby and for our little girl! She is growing and moving all over the place!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! Great name :)

    Love from all of us.

    WestAL Characterd

  2. Whooo Hooooo!!!!! I'm sure girls are a blessing but I wouldn't know personally!!! I've seen Ceili before, spelled just like that, and didn't know how to pronounce it. I bet you'll be explaining that as much as I explain that we did not spell Josiah with a "Z" in the middle therefore it has a hissing sssss sound not a zzzzz sound. Nor is it a misspelling and really JOSHUA!!!
    Hey. Were you at Walmart this afternoon around 1ish???? I'm pretty sure I saw you in the "Crimson" Character mobile. No plates yet. I was worried I wouldn't be able to tell you from C but I don't think that will be a problem. You are crimson, she is burgandy.

  3. Hehehe, we were spotted! That was us. I was thinking we were a different color red. I'll have to compare on Sunday. I didn't do too bad parking, huh??

    Yep, I've had several people call Josiah "Joshua" before. I don't mind spelling her's not like we don't have to correct people on our last name much...or spell it for them...she just gets double blessings with that or, rather, double eye rolls!

  4. Well, it's good to know I wasn't staring at the wrong person or pointing you out to my kids. We were just pulling in when you were getting ready to leave and we were in the row behind you. I think you did an excellent job pulling out of that spot. Just like you've been doing it all your life. I would have taken out several cars before I got out of the spot:)!!!

  5. Thanks! I snuck out before our doctor's appontment and drove a little bit. Sometimes you just got a jump in and go and park as far away from everyone else as possible..we'll call grocery shopping "PE" since we'll be walking quite a distance to the grocery least for awhile anyway.

  6. Yay for girls!! Congrats! =)