I know I post a lot about our mishaps and misadventures. It's what's interesting, I'm sure! Anyway, today, I'd thought I'd be boring and share what a good day we've had. Liam has been very obedient and even loving. Ace is working on a new bad habit of talking very ugly to his brother and sister but we're working on it. He even had a good attitude during chores. Actually, all three of the "chore" kids did laundry without complaining. Ahhh! Peace.

Also, I have a children's chapter book called, What Would Jesus Do? It's based on the novel called In His Steps. My mom got it for me several years ago. I've read the first three chapters of it out loud. Zoe took it with her to naptime (also known as rest time to her) and has almost finished it. She loves it! I'm not talking a short book either. This is a long one. It's over 200 pages. The words are about medium type. Pretty impressive! So, grandparents out idea. Real chapter books that Zoe would love. The Boxcar Children would be right up her ally. I'm just waiting for her to grab our Little House books and finish those up on her own.

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